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Roster FAQs

I have a training registered under my name, but another co-worker would like to present this training. Can she use the same roster?

If the class was registered with only your name as the trainer, then only you are authorized to conduct the training. Remember, no alterations can be made to the roster without prior consent by CCCCD. If you would like to add a person to your roster, you can call a training coordinator at CCCCD and give permission for the other person to present the training session. The new person will need to send in a registration form so that they can be added to the roster. A new roster will be issued listing both names. Please wait until you receive the updated roster before presenting the training session so that the roster contains accurate trainer information.

I need to change the length of time for my training session from 3 hours to 2 hours. Can I just scratch out the 3.0 and write 2.0 hours?

No changes can be made by the trainer to the official DSS attendance roster. Each class contains a course number that is specific for the title, trainer, and length of time entered into the training registry system. If the length of time is changing for 30 minutes or less, the trainer can call a training coordinator and request the change without resubmitting a new outline (example: previously registered as 2.5 hours and would like a 2.0 hour roster). The trainer will need to tell the training coordinator what she/he will add or delete from the training outline. If the length of time is changing for more than 30 minutes, a new registration and outline must be submitted at least 10 days in advance (example: previously registered as 2.0  hour class and would like a 3.0 hour roster. Both changes will require a new roster with a new course number, so please allow at least 10 days for processing and receiving the updated roster.

I have a training session scheduled for tonight and I cannot find my roster. Can you email the roster?

Currently, we are unable to email rosters.

I cannot find the roster for the class I am teaching tomorrow. Can I use an old roster and write in the correct information?

No changes can be made by the trainer to the official DSS attendance roster. Each class contains a course number that is specific for the title, trainer, and length of time entered into the training registry system. Please call a training coordinator at CCCCD to problem-solve a solution so that accurate and official documentation can be obtained at the training session.

I am teaching a class for several providers that I taught last year using the same roster. Will participants be able to receive credit again?

No. If the training class being offered is the exact same class that you previously taught, participants will not receive credit for the class again. Each training class is given a course number. That course number is entered into the personnel registry for each participant who has signed the official DSS attendance roster at the training session. If a participant attends the same training again, the training registry will not accept a repeat of the course number. We are not able to document training hours that have been duplicated. If the class is important for participants to receive again, please register the class again using the Registration form and Outline format to receive an updated official DSS attendance roster. The new roster will contain a new course number so that participants can receive credit for the class.

I completed a training class last week and need to send the roster to CCCCD. Can I fax the roster?

CCCCD cannot accept faxed rosters.  Our policy requires that you send the roster with the original signatures. Please mail all rosters for security and privacy reasons, as well as readability of the participant signatures. Always make a copy of your roster for your files and mail the original to CCCCD.

I became a certified trainer last month. Can I continue to use the rosters that were issued to me as a registered trainer?

No. Once you become certified, all training sessions must be certified so that a certified roster is used at your training sessions. Please submit the Certified Trainer Outline application, training outline format, and supporting documentation so that the training coordinators can evaluate your session and reissue an updated roster.

I completed a training session with providers last month and just realized that I didn’t mail the roster to CCCCD. Is it too late for participants to receive credit?

Participants will receive credit; however, please mail your rosters within 10 days of completing a training session so that CCCCD can enter the participant data within a timely manner. Participants will be checking their online transcripts to ensure they received credit and will call CCCCD if the class is not documented. If the roster has not been received, CCCCD staff will refer participants to the trainer.

I registered a blood borne pathogen class last year and have the roster for this class. I am planning to teach the class this year for the same participants. Do I need to re-register this class?

No. Bloodborne pathogen classes are the only classes that do not have to resubmitted each year. The course number will remain valid for bloodborne pathogens classes without the trainer submitting new course information. You can continue to use this roster and participants will continue to receive credit. All other training sessions would need to be re-submitted for participants to receive credit again.

I registered a training session 6 years ago and would like to present the training again this year. Is the roster I received still valid?

Trainers should review the previous registered or certified outlines to determine if the information is accurate and updated. After using an outline for five years, CCCCD strongly recommends new registrations so that a new roster can be generated.

Keep in mind that participants can only receive credit for the same class one time. Therefore, if there is a training class that you feel would be important to train participants in the new year, you must resubmit this information for a new roster. One complaint that DSS has heard in the past is that participants hear the same things year after year. By submitting new outlines each year, participants will receive different information as well as updated content to reflect current best practices in early childhood education.


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