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Registered vs. Certified Training

The Center for Child Care Career Development (CCCCD) has as its mission the improvement of the quality of child care for the families of South Carolina through the professional development of the child care providers. CCCCD has been designated by the South Carolina Department of Social Services to administer the South Carolina Child Care Training System. The training system documents training hours to meet the DSS regulations for all child care staff. The trainer must register in advance all training that will count for DSS training hours. Training that has been registered will have an official SCDSS attendance roster for each participant to sign. The information from the official attendance roster is entered into the personnel registry and each child care provider can review their training transcript on this website at by clicking on the transcript tab and setting up a login.

Two ways to register your training:

  1. Registered Training
    All persons desiring to present training for SCDSS required annual training hours, must register with CCCCD before conducting training.  The form Request for Child Care Training Registration along with the Outline Format must be submitted to CCCCD at least 10 days prior to training.  The Registered Training Outline Guidelines and DSS Topic Areas will help in completing the required form and outline.

    After receiving the registration form and outline, CCCCD will send the trainer an official attendance roster with the title, subject area and course number for the training outline submitted.  The trainer must make copies of this roster to use each time the training session is presented.  This official attendance roster must be signed by each participant at the training session. Participants are not eligible to receive credit for the same session more than one time.  The trainer verifies those signatures by signing and dating the roster and then returns the completed roster to CCCCD.  The participants’ names are then entered into the South Carolina Child Care Training Registry.

  2. Certified Training
    There is also a voluntary certification process available for qualified trainers.  Individuals who have earned a four-year degree with course work in early childhood content areas, have professional experience in early childhood programs/content areas, and coursework in teaching adults, can apply to become a South Carolina Certified Child Care Trainer. Certified trainers are also required to submit training content outlines for each training scheduled.  These outlines go through an objective scoring process to ensure they represent current best practices in early childhood education and in principles of adult education. Once the outline is submitted and scored, the trainer will receive an official DSS attendance roster for participants to sign at the time of the training.

* Both registered training and certified training provide participants with the same DSS training credit as long as the information has been submitted to CCCCD at least 10 days prior to the training and the trainer receives the official DSS attendance roster for all participants to sign at the time of the training.

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