South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development


Online/Correspondence Courses for DSS Child Care Training Credit

Online and Correspondence course training is written instruction that does not qualify for academic credit from a college or university. It can be taken online through the internet or from a company that supplies the course through the mail. The training must include a test on the material that must be passed in order to receive training credit. The training sponsor must supply a certificate showing successful completion of the course. For DSS Child Care Training credit, submit an application and mail, fax or email a copy of the training completion certificate to:

Center for Child Care Career Development
PO Box 5616,
Greenville, SC 29606

Fax: (864) 250-8690


To submit an application to receive DSS Child Care Training Credit for completed online/correspondence courses click here.

For a list of Online/Correspondence courses that have been evaluated for DSS Child Care Training credit, click here.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you are taking a course through ProSolutions please do not submit an application or ProSolutions certificate.  ProSolutions courses are automatically uploaded to your DSS training transcript 2-4 weeks after successful completion. If you do not see your ProSolutions hours on your transcript please verify that you have correctly entered your Student ID#/State Registry ID on their site.

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