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Do I need to put my home address every time I sign an attendance roster?

Yes. The training transcript is your official documentation of the training you have taken to meet the SCDSS licensing requirements. If you were to ever leave the child care program where you currently work, the training record would need to follow you to your next employer. The address is checked against the social security number provided to ensure the person signing the roster is in fact the owner of this number. Also, putting your address on the roster each time you attend a training class allows CCCCD to update your information in case of a change of address.

How can I receive a copy of my training transcript?

You can print an official copy of your transcript showing all training documented by CCCCD. You must go to our website at and set up your login under the "transcripts" tab. The SCDSS licensing specialists will check your transcript during their visits. Please note that CCCCD enters rosters in the order received from the trainers. Allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for a training class to be reflected on your training transcript.

What do I put under childcare program on the roster?

Childcare program refers to the name of the program in which you are currently teaching.

How do I know if my training will count for DSS credit?

Your training will count for DSS credit if it is registered with the Center for Child Care Career Development by the trainer before the training takes place. The trainer will receive an Official SCDSS Attendance Roster for use at the training session. When you attend a training session, it is important that you sign the Official SCDSS Attendance Roster. The trainer will then mail this roster to CCCCD so that we can enter this information into the personnel registry that tracks your training hours. If you have questions about whether a training class has been registered with CCCCD, please call one of the training coordinators to determine if the class has been registered.

I sent in a specialized training form, but didn't get a certificate or letter back from the Center for Child Care Career Development. Does this mean the training did not count?

The Center for Child Care Career Development does not send notification through letters or certificates for specialized training. When you mail CCCCD the form with your certificate, please make a copy for your own records. Once CCCCD enters the specialized training into the personnel registry, these hours will be reflected on your official training transcript. If you would like to know the status of your specialized training, you can call one of the training coordinators at CCCCD. Download the Specialized Training Attendance form.

I am taking college courses. How can I get these hours to count for DSS credit?

Download the Request for College Coursework Credit form, attach a copy of your grade report and mail to CCCCD. Only courses that relate directly to the areas required for training will meet the SCDSS child care training requirement for training hours. Check the list of evaluated college coursework to determine course credit.

Do college courses automatically count for my DSS training hours?

College courses do not automatically count for your SCDSS training hours. Your DSS licensing specialist will want to see your college course hours reflected on your official training transcript. Follow the procedures in the previous question to obtain DSS credit for college courses that meet the DSS training requirements.

I plan to attend a conference in North Carolina. Will this training count for South Carolina's training hours?

Before attending an out-of-state conference or training class, download the Out-of-State Training Attendance form. Take the form with you to the conference and fill in the appropriate information. Attach a copy of the training certificate or conference registration and a copy of the marketing flyer or agenda indicating the length of sessions and mail to CCCCD. This information will be entered into the personnel registry to be reflected on your official training transcript.

The same training class is being offered that I took last year. Will I get credit for this class if I take it again?

If the training class being offered is the exact same class that you previously took, you will not get credit for the class again. Each training class is given a course number. That course number is entered into the personnel registry for each participant who has signed the official attendance roster at the training session. If a participant attends the same training again, the personnel registry will not accept a repeat of the course number. We are not able to document training hours that have been duplicated. To avoid duplicating your training, write on your certificate the title of each class you attend. Before registering for another training session, check your certificates to ensure you have not previously attended this training. If you have any questions, please call one of the training coordinators at the Center for Child Care Career Development toll free at 1-866-845-1555.

Can I fax requests for DSS credit rather than mailing the forms and requests?

Yes, you can fax forms to 864-250-8690. Please keep a copy of all forms for your personal files.


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