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Certified Forms

Certified Trainer Application - Qualified trainers should complete application, include required documentation and mail to CCCCD.

Steps to Certify - Certified trainers should follow these procedures to certify a training session. Certified training outlines go through an objective scoring process to ensure they represent current best practices in early childhood education and in principles of adult education. Once the outline, handouts and powerpoint are submitted and scored, the trainer will receive an official DSS attendance roster for participants to sign at the time of the training.

Certified Outline Application - This form is for Certified Trainers only. This form must accompany the Training Outline format and supporting documentation.

Training Outline Format - Certified trainers should use this form as a guideline when writing a training.

Certified Training Outline Guidelines - This form helps trainers complete each component of the Training Outline format.

Sample Outline Format

ELS Guidelines for Trainers

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