South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development



Tuition Book Reimbursement Claim Form B

The Reimbursement Claim Form B is used to process travel stipends as well as access the 10%-20% of tuition and books every semester.  All T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Recipients are responsible for completing Form B every semester he/she is active on the scholarship.

Release Time Reimbursement Claim Form C

When eligible students participate in Release Time, the Release Time Reimbursement Claim Form C is used to track the hours the student is away from the center.  Centers will need to submit the Form C every semester by the due date.

Credential Form

The Credential Form is used for obtaining any of the three levels of South Carolina Early Care and Education Credentials. Students who have successfully completed the required classes will need to complete and submit this form.
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