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TAP - Technical Assistance Provider

Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Assistance Providers

How do I apply?

On our website you will find an application on the home page and under prospective TAP. After completing the application, click submit. Send in a hardcopy of your documentation to CCCCD.

What documents do I need to send in to CCCCD?

Send in a copy of your transcript, showing degree awarded, a professional resume showing your experience with young children, two letters of recommendation commenting on your technical assistance skills, and any documentation of in-depth training of at least 15 contact hours that you want considered in lieu of academic hours in early childhood.

What are Core Early Childhood courses?

Core Early Childhood Education courses are those that meet core knowledge content areas  of child growth and development, curriculum, curriculum activities and materials, health and safety  practices, child guidance, observation and assessment, and program administration and supervision.

How do I get credit for a course/training in lieu of academic hours if it is not on the already approved list?

If the training meets the requirements ( an in-depth training on an early childhood topic area that is not designed specifically for parents and is conducted by a nationally recognized organization , is at least 15 contact hours), send CCCCD a brief description of the training and a certificate that shows your name, date, title, organization providing the training, and contact hours.

What is recertification?

Every three years you must provide documentation that shows you received 15 hours in training concerning technical assistance skills, and 15 hours of core early childhood content knowledge. (These trainings must be at least 5 contact hours a piece)

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