South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development

TAP - Technical Assistance Provider

Mentors FAQ

What is a TAP Mentor?

A TAP who has been certified with CCCCD for at least one year. They must have participated in the training regarding roles and responsibilities of the TAP Mentor in the SC TAP System.

What does a TAP Mentor do?

A Mentor provides guidance and feedback for the TAP Candidate.

Can the TAP Mentor be the supervisor of the Candidate?

It is recommended that the Mentor not be in a supervisory role with the TAP Candidate.

What are the Mentor’s responsibilities?

They must have 10 contact hours with the TAP Candidate, three separate observations of the Candidate delivering technical assistance, and two face to face meetings with the Candidate.

After completing these tasks what does the TAP Mentor do?

The Mentor submits to CCCCD the Candidate reference form, recommending the TAP Candidate to become certified in the SC TAP System.

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