South Carolina Center for Child Care Career Development

TAP - Technical Assistance Provider


A TAP Candidate is an applicant that does not meet all the requirements of a TAP Generalist. There are two types of TAP Candidates:

  1. Applicant Who Meets Experience Requirement But Does Not Fully Meet Education:
    Bachelor or higher degree with *six hours of **ECE coursework –has 2 years to complete *six additional hours of ECE core coursework +
  2. Applicant Who Meets Education Requirement But Does Not Fully Meet Experience:
    Must work under the guidance of Certified G1,G2,G3 TAP for a period of up to one year and be recommended by the TAP mentor.


Alternative equivalency training may be considered for six hours of education.(See Addendum C)


Courses must be three semester hours or four quarter hours Early Childhood Education classes taken for academic credit at a two year/four year college or university accredited by the appropriate regional accrediting body as approved by the US Department of Education or the Council on Higher Education Accreditation.


Core Early Childhood Education courses are those that meet core knowledge content areas of child growth and development, curriculum, curriculum activities and materials, health and safety practices, child guidance, observation and assessment, and program administration and supervision.

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